Weddings Country Style

We love the country as much as you do, and that is why we’ve put together a selection of designs for all of your needs.

When it comes to finding the best invitations for a country wedding we’ve got the choices you have been looking for. With lots of different options for the many different faces of a country wedding you can rest assured that you will find examples of even the most obscure themes.

And now let’s take a look at the different options you can make use of for your wedding.

Country Invitations

When it comes to a classy affair, country is the only way to go. In fact I can hardly imagine a wedding without the charming nature of the country. While I can understand that it isn’t everyones cup of tea, country weddings are becoming more popular.

Some of you may have been contemplating what style of wedding to celebrate, but you will quickly make up your mind once you’ve take a look at all of the great options available. Picking out country rustic wedding invitations is easy, and there are lot of different places to find them. But when you compare what we have to offer you will see that a lot of love has been put into our selection of designs you’ll find on our site.

There is something special when you pick the right invitation for your wedding. It is made up of a combination of met expectations, satisfaction and the thrill of actually seeing your invitations when you hold them in your hands. A wedding is made up of many different wishes, ideas, and dreams that come together to form the a single focused plan. A country wedding isn’t different, but the requirements are lowered, allowing you to focus on the parts that mean the most to you, while leaving the things that don’t matter out. This produces a wedding truer to what you might have planned when you were a child.

These country designs give you the chance to revisit the things that are important to you without distracting you with the unimportant parts that might have played a point with a different style.

Placing Orders

We make it easy to find the country invitations you want for your wedding.

There are a number of different ways you can style a template to fit with your expectations. And while they might not fit with every wedding, they have been crafted to be a perfect fit for their unforgeable country appeal.

When you find the right invitation you would like to send to your guests you simply need to click the small icon that looks like a pencil. This will open the invitation so that you can begin editing the look. But you can do much more than edit the look. You get to play designer. Let your imagination run free, it is time to design the invitation you have always wanted for your rustic wedding.

Make changes that modify or change the overall look of the invitation template. This can be as simple as changing text or colors, moving items around, or adding different things to the card like photos. The choice is yours. Choose to make basic changes that keep the original design intact or undertake a complete renovation of the layout. Either way you get to control the way the invitation looks. Both methods allow you to get what you want from your country invitation. And both techniques will allow you to use the same easy to master tools that will have you wondering why the designers ask so much for a template.

The results are amazing, and when you’re done you’ll ready to create a full set with all of the other cards and invitations that belong with a wedding.

But that only covers the initial layout and design. There’s more. You can take your customization one step further. Now you get to control the other aspects that make an invitation more than a piece of paper. Card stock is a tricky process, even for experienced designers, but now you can make use of years of experience in the print industry to match your design to the perfect stock.

Getting closer?

Not yet, there are more ways for you to make your invitations stand out from the crowd. And that is comes in the form or all of the different size options you have access to. While the majority of sites offer their cards in the standard 5 by 7 inch format (we also offer this as a standard option), now you can pick from a number of different sizes and ratios to get the right fit for your invites.

In no time at all you will have a found the right template, the right paper and ration for the best look for your country wedding. We’re sure that this sounds all very overwhelming. But thanks to the a streamlined process, the entire process walks you from one step to the next helping ensure that the final results isn’t anything but amazing. Because if there is one thing that can be concerning when you order invitation online is the final result. And while this might be something that has been on your mind, rest assured that you will be making the best of modern technology while preserving everything that makes a country wedding so desirable.

After all, aren’t you worth it?

Now let’s take a look at what you might enjoy selecting for your rustic wedding ceremony.

For Country Weddings

When you hear the word country wedding, what do you think about? There are plenty of people that aren’t sure what to do with the term. But if you’ve grown up in the country you will have been to at least one in the past.

Vintage String Lights Tree Rustic Country Wedding Card
Country Rustic Birch Tree Bark Wedding Invitations
Rustic Country Horseshoes and Burlap Lace Wedding Card
Rustic Country Burlap String Lights Lace Wedding Card
Tree Carved Heart Rustic and Vintage Wedding Card
Rustic Country Sunflowers Mason Jar Wedding Invite
Country Rustic Birch Tree Bark Wedding RSVP Cards
Rustic Country Flowers Burlap Stripes Chic Wedding Card
Rustic Floral Flower Country Mason Jar Wedding Card
Baby's Breath Mason Jar Rustic Engagement Party Card

Now people are celebrating their union in true country style all over the United States, and while they might have never been to a real country wedding they recognize the charming appeal that makes them what they are. So, if you have been thinking about a nice ceremony with a down to earth reception afterwards you will have been thinking about a country wedding. And here are a couple of the most common ways young couples just like you are arranging them.

  1. Outdoor Country Weddings
  2. Western Weddings
  3. Country Chic Weddings
  4. Summer Weddings
  5. Vintage Country Weddings

Still there are a number of other ways people have made the most from the idea, that includes our next country idea. So keep reading.

Rustic Wood Mason Jars String Lights Lace Wedding Card
Mason Jars Lights Rustic Wood Lace Bridal Shower Card
Rustic Mason Jars String Lights Elegant Wedding Card
Rustic Country Mason Jars Lights Lace Wood Wedding Card
Rustic Floral Country Barn Wedding RSVP Card
Country Rustic Monogram Branch & Wood Wedding Card
Rustic country wood heart wedding RSVP cards
Rustic country wedding RSVP cards
Country Burlap Wedding Photo Thank You Card
Horseshoes Lace Wood Rustic Country Wedding Card
Baby's Breath Mason Jar Rustic Wood Bridal Shower Card

Things to Know

When you tell your family that you will be holding a country wedding they will be excited. Ideas will begin to fly around. Let them help you plan, but make sure you pick the best ideas. A wedding is a personal experience, and while you want your family to be a part of it, you will want to be able to celebrate it your way. That means listing to all of the different suggestions and take the best from them.

If you plan to use the country as a central focal point for the wedding you have a lot of options, and potential to make it creative and reflect who you are.

There aren’t any right or wrong ways to enjoy this type of wedding. And while there is plenty of variety, isolate the aspects that you feel are the most important and build off of them. By using what fits with your plans instead of trying to make things that don’t work fit you will be able to save yourself from a lot of the stress that is present when you plan the more formal weddings.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is little room from wedding planners in country.

The reason is simple. Just like the invitations you see in our country section, they are simpler, more family driven with a higher emphasis that makes a wedding a union.

For Rustic Weddings

We are pleased to say that we have all of the brides wanting to celebrating their wedding in true rustic style. While country is better known than a rustic wedding they aren’t created equally. And to treat them as a synonym for one another would be doing both styles a disservice. The reason is simple. They are different sides of the same coin. And they both offer something unique and special in their own way.

A rustic wedding utilizes the more natural aspect of the country. While wagon wheels and barns are a common part of the country style wedding, rustic invitations focus on a different look all together.

Here are a couple really beautiful rustic wedding invitations to give you an idea of what the differences are. And I am sure you will see the many different aspects that jump out at you when you compare them to the invitations above. There is something charming and simple about the rustic wedding. And while the backdrop and venue for country weddings might be the barn, pavilion, or bails of hay and rustic wedding is much different.

Rustic Fall Leaves Autumn Wedding Invitations
string lights rustic tree vintage wedding invites
Rustic Burlap Lace Twine Sunflower Wedding Invites
Birch Tree Rustic Wedding Card
Carved Heart Rustic Tree Wedding Invitations
Horseshoes Lace Wood Rustic Country Wedding Card
White Rustic Calligraphy Photo Wedding Thank You Card
Mason jars and lights rustic wedding invitations
Sunflowers Rustic Country Wedding Card
Rustic vintage wedding invitation
Country Sunflowers Rustic Wood Wedding Invitations
Lights Mason Jars Lace Rustic Country Chic Wedding Card

While we specialize in country wedding invitation, rustic is a very big part of what we do as well. There are things that you can do with rustic weddings that might not be common place or fit as well with the standard country variant.

Because there are so many options for both, we have tried to focus on rustic weddings with as much diligence, attention to detail, and passion that you would expect.

And we think you’ll admit that this passion hasn’t gone to waste.

Just take a look at these beautiful options and see if they work with the plans you have for your wedding.

Beautiful Rustic Floral Kraft Elegant Wedding RSVP Card
String Lights Rustic Trees Wedding RSVP Cards
Rustic Country Mason Jars Lights Lace Wood Wedding Card
Birch tree heart rustic wedding invitations
Rustic Mason Jar Lights Wood and Lace Wedding Card
Rustic Wine Cork Wedding Invitation
Chalkboard Mason Jar Rustic Couples Wedding Shower Card
Rustic Wedding Beige White Lace Wood Burlap 2 Card
Rustic Floral Country Barn Wedding RSVP Card
Rustic Barn Wood Damask Vintage Wedding Invitation
The Rustic Sunflower Wedding Collection Card
Country Rustic Monogram Branch & Wood Wedding Card
Barn Wood   Rustic Sunflower Wedding Invitations
Autumn Leaves String Lights Rustic Fall Wedding Card
Rustic Wood Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
White Rustic Frame Chalk Wedding Invitation
Rustic Wood Tie the Knot Wedding Invitation
Rustic country wood heart wedding RSVP cards
Birch Tree Rustic Wedding Invitations
Floral Antlers Rustic Wedding Personalized RSVP Card
Rustic country wedding RSVP cards
Burlap RSVP Rustic Typography Wedding Reply Card
Baby's Breath Mason Jar Rustic Wood Bridal Shower Card

There are a couple of things that you might want to keep in mind if you plan to celebrate a rustic wedding, or how to get the most out of these invitations. Here are a few of them that will help keep you on track, and achieve the things you set out to achieve for your big day.

Things to Know

While might seem like a rustic wedding is only another name for a country, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A rustic wedding is a style all by itself.

Country tends to lean toward farms, barns, cowboy boots, and tractors.

Rustic weddings embrace mason jars, burlap, lace, and other types of vintage charm that you will find in the country. A good way to a look at a rustic wedding is thin, while the country weddings focuses on tradition, formality, and organization; a rustic wedding is freer. Think of the rustic wedding as a more relaxed version of the country wedding. Where more emphasis is placed on the setting, and decoration rather than the flow of the actual wedding.

A rustic wedding is usually smaller, bring only the closest family and friends together to join you as you tie the knot.

This produces a more relaxed environment since you will do less entertaining leaving you free to take part in more activities with those closest to you.

Of course, even if you don’t have a short guest list a rustic wedding might be ideal for you.

The choice is completely up to you.

Invitation Etiquette

While it might not appear like it at first, etiquette is an important part of every wedding. It is true that a rustic or country wedding is more relaxed, your guests will be placing a certain expectation on the proper etiquette regardless of what you might think.

That means you need to follow all of the traditional dates for your invitations. And you will need to send the thank you card out after you return home from the honeymoon.

All of these traditions are a way for you to show your respect and consideration for your guests.

While it might seem old fashioned, they are something you will want to include in your preparations. And when everything is finished and you finally have a chance to sit back and relax you will know that you planned a one of a kind wedding.